Zandavan Productions

Rollover Indicators (Patent Application Number GB2441954)

The Rollover, the ultimate in resistance free bite indication.

For Assembly and Operating Instructions for the Rollover Indicator Click Here

Each rollover indicator comes as a kit, with weight spacer and chain, counter balance weight, standard bankstick adapter and “U” shaped pivot wire.

The standard bankstick adapter fits all bankstick’s with a diameter of 14mm or less, however alternative larger adapters can be purchased form the spares section below.

*Please note**

The following parts are inside every packet with the rollover indicator. You do not need to buy extra ones.

  • *Weight spacer and chain,
  • *Counter-balance weight,
  • *Standard (14mm) bank-stick adapter
  • *”U” shaped pivot wire.

You do not need to buy these they come with every rollover indicator. Larger bank-stick adapters (20mm & 22mm) to fit thicker bank-sticks can be purchased from the spares section below

Rollover Spares

Zandavan Productions from October 2022

In October 2022 Zandavan productions was merged with Bill’y Backbiters to give predator anglers the ultimate all round bite indication solutions.

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