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Our latest addition to the Billy’s family, the Billy Crystal model has become popular for good reason. Yeah, it looks great but it’s not a bite alarm aimed at the tackle tarts. The tough crystal clear box has a practical application in that when you get a run the box lights as bright as you like. I cannot emphasise enough what a brilliant feature this is for when you’re either giving it that hour into dark for the big girls or staring at rods through bleary eyes when you’re going through the night for Zeds.

With 100’s sold since their launch in December 2007 Billy’s Backbiters have set the standard in the predator angling world as the bite alarm of choice for the discerning piker. All products have the same functionality and principle of operation and it’s just the look that differs between models.


1: Volume Control

This encapsulated unit keeps your Backbiter nice and quiet so that the whole water doesn’t know what your up to or what your catching whilst not compromising the quality of my Backbiters.

2: Wireless compatibility

All our alarms are compatible with wireless transmitters and recievers that use the 3.5mm transmitters (for example the Gardner V2 attx system).

3: Weighted Drop Arm

The business end of the Backbiter and the Ultimate all round indicator. Slide the weight up the arm to keep pressure on the line and tight to the lead at range or when fishing in flow or slide all the way back for when fishing visible floats. I have now made this my standard arm as it gives you the best possible bite alarm.The stainless steel ball line clip has adjustable tension and will register drop backs perfectly.

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Roller Arm, Standard, Zandavan Rollover


White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Silver


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