Des Taylor lands River 20 using Billy’s Blue Nose

Evening pikers ,

Coming to the closing part of the traditional season yet I am still receiving a nice steady flow of orders ,

I have managed however to build a few alarms around my lunch breaks and late evenings ,

Built ready to post I have :-

7 x black and blues

4 x billy crystals

3 x red alert

2 x blue nose

Various arms built ready to go ,

The Zandavan rollover arms have being popular over the past few weeks , as many use our alarms for eel fishing and with the weather being mild a few have already started targeting them

As always I love seeing photos of your captures and alarms set ready to call you to action

This weeks photo of choice has to be the living legend Des Taylor putting his bluenose to work and landing a river 20 ,

Des has been there done it and got the t shirt for decades and he chooses to use Billys backbiters , which I am very proud about , we must be doing something right 👍

Here’s a few photos of available stock and a magnificent fish from Des Taylor

Tight lines

Paul and claire

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